VARIOUS-ballistic 2nd assault

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VARIOUS-ballistic 2nd assault


this is a BALLISTIC sam101 vinyl LP released in the UK in 1978


Tracks are  

Love And Understanding (The Gayladds) / Free Namibia Dub (Force Of Music) / People Are You Ready (Prince Mohammed) / Earth Is The Lord (Love Brothers United) / Stand And Give Praise (The Royals) // If You Want Good (The Royals) / Jolly Bus-Ting (Errol Scorcher & Revolutionaries) / War (Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames) / Cardiac Arrest (Revolutionaries) / What Kind Of Woman (Earl Cunningham)


produced by R. Cousins, B. Riley, Tony Shabbaz, Channel One


condition cover : +Very Good, vinyl : Excellent



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cover/case – in perfect condition with no defects

vinyl/disc – brand new condition, no surface marks


cover/case – shows signs of minor wear & creasing

vinyl/disc – slight superficial marks that do not affect play

Very Good

cover/case – normal  wear & tear on the cover, light ring wear for example

vinyl/disc – shows marks & light scratches that do not have a major effect on the sound quality


cover/case – has scuffing of edges, ring wear, large split spine etc

vinyl/disc – mild scratches will distort the sound quality


cover/case – torn, stained, scuffing, folding etc

vinyl/disc – plays well but has pops and clicks, may jump


cover/case – badly damaged, heavy signs of wear

vinyl/disc – will not play properly due to scratches, bad surface noise


cover/case – may have parts missing, heavy wear & tear

vinyl/disc – record is just about playable,  will jump, lots of surface noise


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Delivery weight: 0.2 kg
Delivery weight: 0.2 kg
Delivery weight: 0.2 kg
Delivery weight: 0.2 kg
Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

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